Choteau Childcare Work Group Survey

If you are a parent of children who need childcare, please take the Port Authority’s survey so we as a community can better assess our childcare needs. Please share the survey with other parents you know in the Choteau Community!

On January 9th, the Choteau Area Port Authority held a work meeting to establish it’s Childcare Taskforce. We here at the Chamber know that finding childcare is not just a challenge for families and their home life, but for businesses and their employees, too.

Article after article notes that lack of sufficient childcare is not a problem unique to Choteau, or even Montana, but the solutions to our problems are going to have to come from within our community.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has great information about the types of partnerships that can help our community succeed:

It is clear that high-quality, affordable, and accessible childcare plays a significant role in ensuring our companies and our country remain competitive and contribute to our overall economic growth and development.

U.S. Chamber Foundation – Building Bridges: Creating Strong Partnerships for Early Childhood Education

If you have thoughts or are interested in Childcare in Choteau, please contact Blair Patton who is Chairing Port Authority’s Work Group.