Choteau Bucks

What are Choteau Bucks?

Choteau Bucks are gift certificates program administered by the Choteau Chamber of Commerce and the First Bank of Montana in Choteau. in $5 and $20 increments that can be used at any participating Choteau business. Many businesses participate and new businesses are welcome to join at any time. We only ask that you notify the Chamber so we can can keep a list of participating businesses.

The intent is to offer a generic widely usable certificate to make local gift giving easier and to facilitate the promotion of local shopping.

Where can Choteau Bucks be purchased?

Choteau Bucks are available at First Bank of Montana in Choteau during regular business hours.

As a business owner, how do I get my money for a Chamber Buck?

You turn in your Chamber Buck just like a check with your regular deposit. The Bank will put the money in your account. If you do not bank with First Bank of Montana, they will be happy to cash it for you.

What if I want to spend less than $20?

We recommend you spend the whole certificate in one purchase. Certain businesses with smaller items may work something out with you on an individual basis. Each Choteau Buck can only be spent at one business.