Choteau’s Fireworks Fundraiser Goes Collaborative for Silent Auction

Choteau’s annual Fireworks Fundraiser is just around the corner, and this year, the event’s organizers are shaking things up with a new approach to the silent auction portion of the fundraiser. Instead of businesses creating individual baskets, the organizers are encouraging local businesses to partner with each other to create high-value baskets for the auction.

The change was made to foster a greater sense of community among local businesses and to ease the burden that fundraising efforts often place on individual businesses. This new approach will allow businesses to collaborate and pool their resources to create unique and exciting baskets for the silent auction.

While the organizers want to encourage businesses to collaborate, they also want to ensure that businesses that have created successful individual baskets in the past are not discouraged from doing so again this year.

As a Chamber member, you have an opportunity to get involved and help make this year’s fundraiser a great success. If you’re interested in participating, reach out to other local businesses and start brainstorming ideas for your auction basket. By working together, we can create something truly special that will benefit the entire community.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting this important fundraiser and in strengthening the bonds between Choteau’s local businesses.

For more info or to donate, please contact Fireworks Fundraiser co-Chair Cody Marney 406-590-5698 or by Facebook Messenger