Montana Film Office Request

The Montana Film Office sent the following request. If you feel something in your neck of the woods would qualify for any of the specific ideas please let me know. It’s amazing just how specific they get when looking for filming locations!

1. Empty retail space with shelving in place:

  • Think on the size/scale of the recent Shopko closures- however, we will take information on any retail space with intact shelving.
  • The shelving in place can be more important than the exterior of the building.  We are currently searching state wide for this.
  • It can be a stand alone building or part of a complex.  We’ll also take ideas from people planning to open this type of store in the near future, as there is an opportunity for collaboration.
  • This request is for a feature film.  We are looking statewide for this.

2. Medium sized cabin (rustic style) on a riverfront that can accommodate a fly fishing sequence idea:

  • Should be secluded but scenic. It will help to be on a river known for fly fishing.
  • You must be able to walk from the cabin to the water edge.  Ideally, no more than an hour from a town, but amazing locations may drop that requirement.

3.  Road:

  • This piece of 2 lane road should be in the country(not lots of buildings or houses around), straight and paved, with good asphalt
  • within 1/2 hour to a town with 80+ hotel rooms for crew. 
  • It can be wider than 2 lane, but needs to be at least a 2 lane.
  • The road will need to be straight for 1/4 to 1/2 mile, and other traffic MUST be able to detour around it on another road.
  • *the less existing traffic the better*
  • Road will need to be closed for 12 hours every day for up to three months.
  • So, think of roads that are private, go to places with multiple entrances, parts of highways that aren’t used anymore but with good asphalt still, roads that parallel other roads, test roads, etc.
  • So far we aren’t considering old airports, but perhaps roads around airports that are very lightly used.
  • Terrain isn’t a concern yet, so this is a statewide search, keeping in mind the hotel drive. This shoot would also hire emergency services and a water truck to be onsite from the local community.