New Business Idea? Archery Dodgeball!

Insidehook reports that a new twist on an old game has folks taking up archery dodgeball both as a fun group activity and a great exercise opportunity!

…People all over the U.S. are taking up archery dodgeball, which is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of playing with the aforementioned rubber balls, the middle of the archery dodgeball playing area is littered with foam-tipped arrows, and everyone is equipped with a bow.
The goal remains the same: knock out everyone on the other team by hitting them with an arrow, or by catching their arrows as they fly in your general direction. Instead of wearing out your arm chucking balls as fast as you can, you can wear out your arm by quickly drawing back the bow and letting loose.

Archery Dodgeball Is the Rec-League Sport You Should Be Playing, InsideHook, March 1, 2020

So, who’s gonna make it happen in Choteau?