Teton County Health Resources

Community Stakeholders,

The Teton County CARES Alliance is committed to sharing resources to help residents facing behavioral health challenges. CARES has developed a list of local, state and national mental health resources.

During this COVID-19 pandemic our community members may be experiencing stress, anxiety, fear and loneliness due to our changed daily routines, social distancing from friends and family and financial stress.

Some people are concerned about themselves or others getting sick. Many community members are concerned with what the future may bring.

Some people are experiencing anxiety and/or depression who have never experienced either of those conditions before. Others who have current mental health disorders may see their symptoms worsen. Some people may self-medicate with alcohol, drugs or other substances.

We are fortunate to have many local mental health professionals who provide counseling services. In-person, phone & video-conferencing sessions are available. Please share this resource. You are welcome to print this and share with clients, staff and co-workers. We also encourage you to print a copy to post at your location and email it out to staff.

If you are not currently a CARES Alliance member and are interested in joining one of our meetings, please email me and I will send you the link to our meetings. We meet online through Zoom the third Tuesday of every month at 10 am. Our next meeting is January 19, 2021.

Please let contact Dawn Gunderson if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Dawn Gunderson
Teton County Health Department
905 4th Street NW
Choteau, MT 59422
406-466-2562 (office)
406-788-4207 (cell)
406-466-5292 (fax)