Be Nice to Your Local Cowboy

Hey there Choteau and Teton County! I was asked to write a little blip about new things within Opportunity bank and while banking might be what my job is I have been night calving the last few weeks and I thought I should just share this public announcement for everyone safety…

Be nice to your local cowboys and cattlemen
It’s that time of year again
Full of sleepless nights
And hours of chopping ice
Their significant other have forgot what they look like
And it seems as if the heifers have taken a strike
must be the extreme feminist kind
and they won’t pay their calves any mind
all while fightin all n any kind of help from mankind,
an the new dog has knocked over the milk can
The wind has blown the tin of the roof twice now
Them poor cowboys keep getting chased by the same ol sow
When he does get the chance to rest
And turn on that ol TV set
Just to hear “gassy cows are warming the planet”
And the cattle market is sinkin faster than the damn titanic
he just grins and shakes and shakes his head
and crawls right into to bed
talks to God and prays about healthy calves and tall grass
and he tells himself “this too shall pass”

Now, we all know nothing beats the calving season. Nothing is better than pulling a calf and tickling his nose to take their first breath, they shake their head and open their big innocent eyes.

Watching them get their legs and standing up within minutes of meeting the world is truly God’s work and it just melts this soft heart of mine every time. I thought with all the politics around the cattle industry something funny and light-hearted was needed. So buy your local cowman a coffee and don’t ask too many questions! To all of you calving, I hope every calf comes out head first and pads down and nothing falls sick or ill.