Workplace Illness

With the nation and world all abuzz with the spread of Coronavirus, more specifically COVID-19, we should all be a bit more aware of how we are feeling. We must work together to ensure our community stays healthy as a whole. It is important that we all take precautions to prepare for COVID-19 potentially making it to Montana and even Choteau, but more importantly, these precautions should be exercised daily to prevent the spread of all illnesses. While it is not necessary to panic, it is important to be prepared through some simple steps.

Steps for employers:

  • Actively encourage sick employees to stay home: employees should be free from fever above 101.4 F for at least 24 hours before returning to work. 
  • Ensure your sick policies are up to date.
    These should be flexible and consistent with public health guidance.
  • Review your sick policy with all employees.
  • Be flexible with sick employees.
    During this time of heightened illness, employees may need to care for sick family members or require more time than usual when recovering from illness.  
  • When an employee develops symptoms at work, work to separate that employee and send them home immediately to prevent the spread of this illness.
  • Provide ample hand sanitizer (containing 60-95% alcohol), tissues and soap. Remind employees of the importance of good hand hygiene.  
  • Keep the work environment clean.
    This includes wiping down countertops, tables, chairs, doorknobs, keyboards, each computer mouse, handrails, all bathroom and breakroom surfaces, etc.

The above steps are not COVID-19 specific. These are steps that we should all be taking daily through this cold and flu season. If and when COVID-19 makes its way closer to home, our hospital, City, County, and State officials will work through their procedures to combat the outbreak.

If you would like more information or to learn how to create your own Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan for your business, please visit: